What Grade Are You In?: Colour Grading Exercises

Colour Grade 2.1
The White Balance in the original footage is clearly way off! In this grade, I’ve tried to normalise the colours by white balancing in post. This brought up the yellows. I increased the exposure to bring more attention to Clive, the subject. I also added a subtle effect by adding some ‘fade’ to give an overlay that can unify this with the rest of the footage. Paired with the boost in yellow, it has a pleasant, old-film kind of feel.
Colour Grade 2.2
Here I tried to accentuate the previous effect, adding more grading to the colour correction. I added more yellow and adjusted the contrast and ‘fade’ controls. Also increased saturation slightly.
Colour Grade 2.3
Here I tried a different tint, less yellow. This was to offer an alternative, depending upon the other footage. It didn’t fit.
Colour Grade 3.1
The original image is a little sterile and the colours a bit a bland. I wanted this to appear coherent with the interview footage from another location. To try and achieve this, I increased some of the colour saturation and added more red to the highlights, as red was predominate in the other location.
Colour Grade 3.2
Here, I tried a different approach, embracing the colour palette of the space. Added a vignette…it seems a bit much.
Colour Grade 3.3
Here I really tried to accentuate those colours. It seems too over-saturated now, but is a good contrast to the sterility of the original image.
Colour Grade 1
I found this original very nice. First, I simply added a little orange, fade and decrease in saturation to give it a subtle effect, which, if applied to the rest of the film may unify the clips.
Colour Grade 2
Here, I really wanted to play with extremes. I brought up the contrast, and increased the blacks. There are some great colours in the space so I wanted to see what it would be like to really bring them to the foreground, then add a strong faded filter over the top. I think it’s an interesting effect, but not where/how it could be used. Perhaps if it was all more subtle.
Colour Grade 3
Here, I have attempted to match the footage from the other, more sterile location. I did this by bringing down some of those red highlights, adding some blue and white. It is getting close, but it effects the background in a particularly negative way. There must be a middle-ground somewhere.


 Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

*Featured Image Credit:
Jason Cheetham


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