‘Musicorum’: A Peer Review

Musicorum is a piece by Pooya Sadeghi, Harish Adithya, Edward Paul Kachappilly and Emre Gulcan.

The rough cut of Musicorum was a lot of fun and very interesting. I loved the cultural diversity of the interviewees, it truly reflected the intention of the piece. The concept was really great and the question of music as a universal language is beautiful and intriguing. I thought the choice of music was fascinating. It was a kind of ‘oriental’ soundtrack that actually revealed people’s cultural perceptions/knowledge/prejudices in an interesting way. I’m not sure the reactions to the music answered the question “Is music a universal language?” but rather, “what does music tell us about culture?” or “how are our cultural understandings shaped by music/art?” or even, “how can music reveal our cultural prejudices (re: ‘The Orient’, which traditionally refers to East Asia, being interpreted as South Asian for some)”. Although, this could all be a part of the what the universal language of music is communicating.
Regardless of how the question is framed, this was very interesting to watch!

The text at the beginning, something about “a bunch of people”, was way too fast for me and I couldn’t catch it (perhaps, I’m a slow reader). I would have loved to see more of the interviewees react while listening to the track. The ‘React Channel’ on YouTube do this sort of thing, and there are moments in between the interviews when a subject’s character and humanity is really revealed, as they genuinely react to what they are listening to/watching/playing. This can be cool to see.

Finally, the passion that came from the final question was both beautiful and exciting! People’s enthusiasm was clearly very genuine; this was my favourite part of this great piece!

Very excited to see the final cut!

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

*Featured Image Credit:
Musicorum Project


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