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With every project, it is increasingly becoming apparent to me that, in film, self-confidence is a huge portion of a successful shoot. This ‘aside’ will be an ongoing post about the impending importance of confidence, gait and ‘looking cool’ 😎. It will be updated throughout my research as my argument forms.

Know Your Gear

Always know your gear back-to-front, or at least, enough to make it look/sound like you do! If using unfamiliar equipment, pick it up early and familiarise yourself. A tripod should be simple, but not all tripods are the same. A camera operator who arrives and struggles with their tripod instantly loses credibility. And credibility is key. I have noticed that an interviewee’s openness seems to have a direct correlation with how professional, comfortable, at-ease and credible you are. In other words, if you’re cool or not.

Know Your Subject

Show that you care. During my research, I have noticed that clients love to hear you tell them about themselves. They are instantly (and often, very easily) impressed by your research and become much more keen to talk to you.

Don’t doubt yourself

Collaboration is good, but constantly asking confirmation of your collaborators might make you look uncertain, unsure or amateur. Figure out a way to navigate this that holds face.

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