Being asked to outline my goals and desires for the semester, I thought I’d take a reflective approach and outline my current skillset, then, how I’d like that to develop. So:

  • Editing: I can edit. As in, I know which buttons to press, how to generally order a sequence, some basics of keyframing, audio and After Effects, and can comfortably navigate titling/subtitling etc.
  • Camera operation: I know the technical basics. That is, I can generally find my way around a camera menu, which buttons do what, how to properly focus, white balance, adjust exposure/aperture etc.
  • Audio: I can set up audio equipment fairly comfortably. I generally know the basics of where to plug microphones, how to set levels, how to keep sound from distorting, how to place a lavalier on a subject, etc. Can also edit audio across a number of programs, ie. Audition, Logic, Ableton Live, Audacity, as well as built-in editing in Premiere and other video editing software.
  • Lighting: I don’t know much about lighting at all.

So, with these in mind, what I’d like to get out of this semester is:

  • Editing: How to edit effectively. How to use editing as a tool to convey meaning, how different editing techniques can communicate different ideas/semiotics/themes etc.
    How to do this with some pace.
  • Camera operation: How to construct a shot to look visually appealing. How to have a visually appealing shot convey meaning. An understanding, on-the-fly, of what different visuals represent.
  • Audio: Capturing ‘crisper’ audio with less ‘spill’.
  • Lighting: I don’t know much about lighting at all. I would love to understand how to ‘manipulate’ or, rather, work with, natural lighting to complement a shot, as well as using artificial lighting effectively.

To conclude, what I am hoping to get out of this semester is the ability to use technical skills to develop a deeper connection to the artistic craft of filmmaking, rather than simply possessing the skills themselves.


*Featured Image Credit: Malta Basketball Association

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